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C.I.Agent Solutions® manufactures custom Secondary Containment Solutions and Oil Containment Systems that have been used in over 10,000 installs to meet and exceed SPCCCompliance Regulations.

There are many types of Secondary Containment including earth and berms, spray liners, concrete walls, fabricated walls, secondary containment booms, etc. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, risks and tradeoffs, therefore it is very important that the secondary containment method chosen is PE approved for a particular site – one secondary containment solution does not fit all. There are also different types of oil being used/stored, as in the case of FR3, a natural ester fluid, in transformers.

C.I.Agent Solutions® is meticulous in working with consulting and company engineers to design the secondary containment solution that best fits the site. We have several spill containment solutions including C.I.Agent® Oil Filtration Wall Systems, Geomembrane Liner with Oil Filtration Panels Systems, HFF Oil Stop Valve Systems and VIPOR System; all are custom engineered and site specific. And, we can enhance other secondary oil containment solutions by adding C.I.Agent Oil Filtration Panels to composite walls, or utilize an HFF Oil Stop Valve, or VIPOR System to retrofit concrete containment.

Unheard of in our industry, we are so confident in the performance of all of our secondary containment solutions that we back them with Environmental Pollution and Product Liability insurance coverage of up to $7 million. How can we be so confident? It all starts with the technology at the core of our solutions, our flagship product C.I.Agent® Solidifying Polymers.

Oil Filtration Walls

The C.I.Agent® Oil Filtration wall system is proven full secondary containment solutions for sites with impervious subsoils such as clay. It is designed to allow the flow of nuisance water during normal rain fall and snow melt events, but becomes a barrier to prevent hydrocarbon migration in the event of an oil release

Geomembrane Liner

The C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liner Oil Containment System are a cost-effective, proven Full Secondary Containment Solutions for sites with sandy or undetermined subsoils such as sand. The Geomembrane Liner can be used to provide additional protection to a concrete containment site or when drains are used to remove nuisance water from a site. 


The C.I.Agent Agent-X is a new generation of smart textiles using embedded technology. Agent-X is composed of two layers of geotextiles with C.I.Agent Solidifying Polymers embedded between them.

HFF Oil Stop Valve

Whether used as standalone secondary containment or in a vault outside a secondary containment structure, the C.I.Agent® HFF Oil Stop Valve will process waste water will removing hydrocarbons to a non-detectable level.


Hydro Sheen Filter

The C.I.Agent® Hydro Sheen Filter is the ideal filtration device for polishing sheen from indoor or outdoor wastewater discharge operations of portable secondary containment systems, spill berms, spill pallets and more. 


EVAC Filtration System

The C.I. Agent EVAC Filtration System and line of products is ideal for dewatering contaminated wastewater from underground utility vaults, manholes, retention and secondary containment vessels, out-fall on oil water separators and elevator shafts