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Product Description:

The C.I.Agent® Hydro Sheen Filter uses state-of-the-art filtration technology to polish sheen from indoor or outdoor water discharge operations of portable containment, spill berms, spill pallets and more. The filtering media is C.I.Agent® Agent-Q (U.S. Patent No. 8,986,822), a high-strength, lightweight hydrophilic

spunbond, nonwoven fabric with C.I.Agent® Oil Solidifying Polymers embedded between quilted layers. Water is allowed to flow freely through the filter while preventing hydrocarbons from being released into the environment. A C.I.Agent®

Hydrocarbon Detection Strip is placed against the skin of the filter media and will turn a darker color when the filter is spent and needs to be changed. A zinc strip is added to retard the growth of algae and mold. The Hydro Sheen Filter is easy to install over threaded or non-threaded outlet pipe. A pre-filter is provided that fits neatly onto the inside discharge drain.

Hydrocarbon Sheen Filter

Product Applications:

The C.I.Agent® Hydro Sheen Filter safely allows water to be processed and released from portable containment systems and spill berms while capturing light to heavy sheen. Can be used anywhere water has to be processed; construction sites, industrial sites, warehouses, coal mines, marinas, etc.

Product Specifications:

• The flow rate for a 2” x 12” filter with twelve inch water head in vertical position is 11.29 gpm or 677.4 gph

• The flow rate for a 2” x 12” filter with 12 inch water head in horizontal position is 7.91 gpm or 474.6 gph

• Heavy-duty, flexible, chemical resistant urethane collars for quick and easy installation

• Exterior of filter is highly visible UV resistant coated mesh that is abrasion resistant, anti-fungal and mildew, flame retardant, Phthalate-free, antimicrobial and has a high tensile strength

• Filter medium is C.I.Agent® Agent-Q. Filter contains about 120

grams of C.I.Agent® Oil Solidifying Polymers

• Agent-Q will solidify hydrocarbons in temperatures ranging

from -30 to 130° F

Product Benefits:

• The C.I.Agent® Hydro Sheen Filter is easy to install on any 2” PVC release valve; even over existing pipe threads

• No Teflon® tape or stripping pipe threads

• High hydrocarbon binding and filtration capability

• Not dependent on water pressure

• Gravity fed; as low as two inches of water head pressure

• C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Detection Strip indicates when the filter needs to be changed

• Zinc strip helps in the prevention of algae and mold growth

• Environmentally friendly; can be disposed of in most landfills

• Pre-filter keeps debris and sediment out of the filter for a longer life