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Product Description:

The Hydrocarbon Flow Filter (HFF), aka oil stop valve, is a versatile device that filters and processes water removing hydrocarbons to a non-detectable level. The HFF is constructed from a non-woven, geotextile fabric in combination with a proprietary blend of USDA food grade polymers. The granules are capable of encapsulating and capturing all organic hydrocarbons such as sheen, gasoline, diesel, refined oils and more. The HFF allows water to flow through as it removes and captures hydrocarbons including most volatile organic compounds. In the event of a major release, the HFF automatically shuts off the flow to contain the hydrocarbon providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for your secondary containment needs. Each HFF is designed for the site specific application.

Hydrocarbon Flow Filter

Hydrocarbon Flow Filter

Pad Mount Install


Product Applications:

All secondary containment units have to incorporate some type of drainage system to evacuate water. The HFF is ideal for this application as it filters and processes water removing the hydrocarbons to a non-detectable level. HFF is currently being used in the following applications

Storm drain inserts

Electrical substation

Storm water run-offs

Bulk storage tank farms

Retention Pond out-flows

Oil-water separator out-falls

Product Specifications:

Each HFF is capable of processing water at the pre-determined rate specified by the customer and will remove all organic hydrocarbons from the water.

Product Benefits:

Filters all organic hydrocarbons to <5ppm; most will be at non-detectable levels
Removes sheen, gasoline, diesel, refined oils, and the other volatile organic compounds
Low maintenance required when usedwit a reusable pre-filter to catch debris, silt, dirt, paper etc.
Will not drip or leach out.